Due to the cooler than normal spring, blueberry season is going to be a little later than normal - closer to the end of June than the middle. Please keep checking for updates here on our webpage and on our Facebook page. See you soon, Kathy

K & K Blueberries Products

All K & K Blueberries products are made with simple ingredients. Available at the farm stand during u-pick hours and look for us at craft fairs and holiday bazaars!

a box with assorted K and K Blueberries products

Fruit Spread

Just like your favorite blueberry jam without the white sugar. It is sweetened with white grape juice. $8


Your traditional, time-honored, yummy blueberry jam. $8


A bit thicker than syrup, it works great on ice-cream, cheesecake, and a topping for a lemon pie! No white sugar in this one. $8

Pepper Jelly

A sweet spicey jam with a kick! Delicious with a cream cheese spread and crackers. Be careful, (or not) it’s addicting! $9


great topping for salads, of course, and also as a marinade for chicken or pork. Sweetened with honey for a natural goodness. $10


No corn syrup here, just a mouthwatering taste on those waffles and pancakes. $10

Scone Mix

Lemons and blueberries combine for the perfect Sunday morning treat of a scone- one mix makes 12 scones- just add water. $10