K & K Blueberries has closed for the 2021 season. 💜💜💜 I want to thank all the people who came out during this short, hot blueberry season. You supported my small business, got outside with your family and friends, and went home with some delicious blueberries. It was a great season made better for seeing all of you! 💜💜💜. Remember to start looking around Father's Day on our Facebook page - it's when I get a good idea of when I will be able to open. See you next year! Kathy

Welcome to K & K Blueberries

a blue truck that says K and K Blueberries on the side

Please note that we do not accept credit or debit cards. Cash is preferred, but checks are accepted with ID

K & K Blueberries offers u-pick blueberries in Hermiston, Oregon. Our farm has 20 acres of Dukes; an early, large, easy to pick variety. Our season typically runs mid June to mid July (depending on the weather). We are GAP certified and we water and fertilize using drip lines to limit contact with the berries. We have parking on both sides of the driveway heading in towards the bushes. Please watch out for sprinklers. We have portable toilets and a hand washing station available for our customers.

Rows of Blueberries at K & K Blueberries
Questions? Checkout our information page for common questions or give us a call at (541) 567-3146


You can pre-order flats of blueberries via email. Pre-packaged flats are $35 each. Please contact us for availability.

a plastic container of blueberries that says K and K blueberries on the front